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Hunting at our Resort in Ontario be sure to book early.


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Canadian Moose Hunting in Ontario Canada

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Moose Hunting The day was stuck halfway between summer and winter. Dun moths dervished in the warmth of the mid-morning sun, but at least a dozen high flying skeins of migrating Canada geese had etched their way across a cloudless sky since daybreak, driven southward by the steady encroachment of winter. It was just a matter of days before the first blizzard of the winter would rake through the wilderness pasting the windward sides of the tree trunks with a three-inch layer of snow and bringing down the last sere leaves of summer.

Moose Hunting in Alberta The first shot found its mark, yet the bull remained standing. At a thousand pounds on the hoof a full-grown moose is one tough customer. With that said, however, Dan settled crosshairs behind the front shoulder again and coddled the trigger on his .300 Winchester magnum. Responding with a loud smack, the 180-grain slug rocked the bull hard enough that he lost his footing, crashing to the ground at the base of a wrist size poplar tree he’d just finished thrashing to pulp.

Preparation and Procedures The near-sonic boom of the fire-breathing .454 Casul blasted the entire forest as the bull spun away from the hunter in the tree stand. In an instant, the huge bull was gone, as if it never existed. Thick scrub made stalking impossible, each step produced an amplified crack, notifying every living creature within ear shoot to scram. To be successful, moose hunters must become invisible and have vision of an eagle. A moose hunter also requires ears that hear the slightest of sounds in howling winds.

Safety precautions for boating and hunting By : Outdoors Source This article provides some insight into the safety precautions which must be taken when hunting or boating.

The History Of Fox Hunting By : Joel Noah - Fox Hunting has always been seen as a British activity during which highly trained dogs, as well as human hunters on horseback, pursue the red fox. Animal rights activists find the ‘blood sport’ to be barbaric. However, its participants and proponents see it to be a traditional equestrian sport, as well as an important aspect of England’s aristocratic history. In fact, even though it does take place in several countries, its roots can be traced to the British.

Deer Hunting on the Move: Stillhunting for Deer, or Get off the Stump By : Paul Smith Deer hunting on the move, or stillhunting, is commonly misunderstood as to what it is and how to go about it. It is stalking deer, not waiting on a stump or in a blind for the deer to come to you. It can be the most rewarding deer hunting experience you can do. It can also be the most frustrating, since it is a skill which requires you to slow everything down - your sight, your breath and your walking gait. But the payoffs go beyond the hunt to your better enjoyment of nature itself.

Choosing Decor For A Lodge Or Cabin With A Rustic Theme By : Roy Thomsitt - If you have a hunting lodge, or just a country lodge or cabin retreat to get away from the daily stress of city life, then you have an opportunity to create an ambience totally different from your main city or town home. You can use a variety of appropriately designed and themed décor to create an atmosphere that is not only in keeping with your rustic home from home, but quite in contrast to that which you might normally have in your main residence.

Winter Camping Can Be Lots Of Fun By : Gray Rollins - Camping is a fun adventure for the whole family. Every camping trip takes a little planning to be sure you have necessary supplies and safety equipment. However, camping during the winter has specific cautions that should be taken. Being prepared for anything is essential during the cold.

Some Essential Camping Supplies For Your Camping Adventures By : Gray Rollins - There are certain supplies that every family should have when camping. Ensuring you have the basic supplies to have fun and stay safe will enhance your camping experience. So do not pack on the fly. Instead, make sure you plan well and make lists so nothing is forgotten. Make lists and check off items as you pack. But also pack as lightly as possible. Remember that camping is a temporary state and that you will not need a lot of different clothing and only enough food and wat...